I am a guest contributor over at Annapolis & Company twice a month, and I wrote this post a few weeks back! I thought I’d share it over here today, along with a question/challenge/idea I had. I lovelovelove supporting my fellow Etsy sellers, and I would love to do more to do that. If you’re an Etsy seller, how can I do that and help you out? Would any of you be interested in sponsor posts? Giveaways? (I have a fabulous giveaway coming up, btw!!!) If you’re not a seller, but love a shop, give me their shop name so I can check it out! I want to give back to the Etsy community in some way, even if it’s as small as showing my love through these Listy Lists! Okay, on to the post!!


I’ve always loved Etsy, but since starting my own shop, I’ve been amazed at the support and promotion by other shop owners! Not only that, you can find some amazing products…prints, clothing, accessories, home goods…and the vintage is incredible too! I love supporting other small businesses like mine! Here are some of my summer picks…



1// Soft Leather Sketchbook ($24) – I have a slight paper goods problem. Just a little one. The kind where I buy notebooks when I have a hoard at home, because they’re pretty.

2// Yellow Foldover Clutch ($32) – Gorgeous, soft vegan leather, and yellow has been my favorite color for summer.

3// Anchor Necklace ($23) – Amy of Junghwa makes some of my favorite jewelry on Etsy. I’m saving up my profits for a Tag Necklace, and this is another favorite. And anchors are always in style.

4// You Smell Nice Blue Linen Soap ($5.75) – I bet this smells amazing, and I love the “You Smell Nice” stamped on it.

5// Food Rules Poster ($15) – Gorgeous watercolors, summery vegetables! This would look great in any kitchen, and it has some good reminders too.

6// Personalized Arrow Bracelet ($41) – I have this thing for stamped jewelry. It’s becoming a problem. You could stamp a child’s name on it, or your own for a monogram touch, or even a favorite word or phrase!

7// Silver Maple Wood Cutting Board ($65) – Homemade cutting boards are always the prettiest. This shop make a variety of gorgeous ones that I’d love to own!

8// Dark Gray Canvas Bag ($49.99) – Perfect. This would be just right for a weekend getaway this summer.

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  1. Have you seen How I Met Your Mother? There’s an episode where Ted gets a girl’s number and sends her a text, and in the text he says “Texty-text” and your “Listy List” always reminds me of that! Haha I love it. :)

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