Two things.

1// There is a serious lack of cute little boys clothes. The girls totally win in that department. But I’m finding there are certain brands that have it going on for little boys. Baby Gap, Target, and Zara are a few of my favorites. I can’t always afford those though. Well, Target, sure. But to spend inordinate amounts on little boys that rip holes in every. single. left. knee. and grow so fast they don’t stay in one size very long? Crazy.

2// ThredUp is the best. site. ever. I found out about it through Instagram (where all good things live) and I’m totally hooked. It’s basically a huge, online thrift store with only the best stuff. Big name designers? Check. My beloved Target brands? Check. These photos are actually from ThredUp, so you can tell how good the quality is! This isn’t a paid plug or anything, I just genuinely love it. Although if you click and join through my link, you’ll get $10 and so will I. Then you’ll get your own link to share with your friends and get them all hooked. I seriously got a dress for FREE doing that!!



Enough with the gushing. Here’s an outfit I’d buy for my boys (complete with Derik’s sizes), and while these pieces may have already sold on ThredUp, I can promise you there are tons more! Instead of providing links to each piece, I put the original brand as well as the original price and the ThredUp price! And you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be back next time with the Sugar and Spice version! ***




1// Baby Gap Jacket – (Originally $35 – ThredUp $8.99)

2// Baby Gap Striped Sweater – (Originally $40 – ThredUp $9.49)

3// Levi’s Jeans – (Originally $34 – ThredUp $7.99)

4// Gap Beany – (Originally $20 – ThredUp $6.49)

5// Zara Plaid Button Down – (Originally $26 – ThredUp $7.49)

6// Cherokee Boots – (Originally $21 – ThredUp $6.49)

7// Press Here Book – ($8.22 on Amazon) Couldn’t resist sharing a book to go with this outfit…this is still my boys’ favorite book…keeps them busy for hours!





***I am not responsible for how broke you become after getting hooked. ;)

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