I’m making a point to be more present and intentional over the weekends…in general, really, not just the weekends. I notice that I can get so caught up in the unimportant, the rushing around. I want to notice the things I so often miss.

I want to notice when my boys get so excited over the smallest thing.

When Jackson begs me to let him help with a chore.

To be okay when bath time takes a lot longer than expected, and keeps the boys up until way after their bedtime. And to be okay with all the water and bubbles on the floor, because after all, water dries and soap cleans.

scan 6

And to notice when the sunset light is so ridiculously golden
and my boys are just sitting, talking.



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  1. I love this kind of talk! It is encouraging to my list-oriented soul. I read something similar over at The Wiegnads {http://www.thewiegands.com/2013/07/say-yes.html} and it’s just inspired me. Definitely need to adopt this attitude. It’s a process though, and I’m praying every step of the way!

    1. I love Casey’s blog and she’s one of those people that just encourages and convicts all at the same time, ya know?! I need more of that in my life and always learn something new when I’m over there. In the gentlest, non-preachy way. I don’t know how she does it but she’s got a gift!

      I’m a list-maker too! ;)

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