(via. I love the things kids come up with…)



:: Quiet summer nights, curled up watching favorite TV shows with Luke.

:: Getting back to exercise again. I went for a couple walks this week…and actually enjoyed them. Alice did too.

:: Trying out fresh, light new recipes. And Luke saying we should cook like that more often. Think corn, fish, grilling, summer. The food of summer is the best part of it. That, and pools.

:: S’mores. Yep, they’re even good when you’re not camping, and even when you don’t have a gas cooktop, so you resort to browning the marshmallows by using a mini blowtorch. That’s been us, sitting in the middle of the living room floor with a blowtorch, making s’mores. Living the life, people!



What are the little things making y’all happy right now?

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  1. I love that quote! Let’s see…what’s making me happy right now! Honestly, I’m finding such a thrill in discovering new bloggers, who like me, love telling stories with words and photos. I just found your blog through Mary Beth’s and I’ve enjoyed reading it!

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