One of our first days back in Delaware was spent at the beach…this mama loves the beach and I so wish we lived closer. But I just found out the closest beach is only about 45 minutes away and WHY HAVEN’T WE GONE YET?!?!

My boys adore the beach too, which I love. Derik doesn’t get wet above the knees, but I think he enjoyed the beach in Delaware a lot because there aren’t really any waves. Jackson dashed in and out of the water, which was freezing, but when you’re five you really don’t care how cold the water is. Derik must really be a California boy because he stayed wrapped up in a towel a lot, and really the whole trip wore long sleeve shirts or a sweater, despite the temperatures in the high 80s with a ton of humidity.


The best part of the beach day was Jackson’s ecstatic remark as soon as we crossed the dune and saw the ocean…


“Is this our beach?! Look at the beach! Look at my beautiful new beach!”


I feel you, Jackson. I feel that way every time I see any beach…my beach. To me, the beach, any beach, is home.











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