(My very first peel-apart Polaroid.)


I can’t believe I’ve made it to 20 Little Happy Things posts. It should be at way more by now, but that’s just life. I’m learning not to stress about it that much. But I’m trying to get back in the swing of things over here, and be more consistent. That’s pretty much my life motto right now…be consistent…be consistent…be consistent…


One of these days it will stick.


:: My new Polaroid camera. I’ve wanted another for a while, one that I can get film for a lot easier. I finally splurged and bought a Polaroid Land 104, and let me just say, I will be forever broke now. It’s seriously addicting. Also, $1 per shot. And yes, I did pull a dozen eggs out of the fridge just for that shot.

:: Lots of family time…Luke sent his mom and me off to the salon to have our nails done recently, and that was nice. :) We’ve spend the whole 4th of July weekend over at his parents’ house, with another whole day to go tomorrow, just relaxing, surfing Pinterest and eating good food. We still have a movie planned (minions!!!! I seriously <3 kids movies.), possibly bowling again (they’re trying to beat Elisabeth’s score…), church, and more food.

:: Being spoiled lately. Luke always spoils me and I probably say that a lot. But he really does. Nails and clothing and Panera for breakfast and a new pie pan and grocery shopping just the two of us. That doesn’t even begin to cover how much he spoils me. Because then there’s the time he took me to the fabric store, and when he learned how to cook a few dinners to give me a break. I have a keeper, that’s for sure.

:: Elipses and parenthesis. Not only are they awesome words, I don’t know what I’d do without them. Nerd alert. Also…I use them too much. Who cares? (Not me.)

What’s making y’all happy lately?

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