I’m so excited, because my friend Elisabeth is visiting us this week! I haven’t seen her in probably over   f i v e   years! If I could set up the ideal guest room, these are some of the things I’d include…though I keep the coffee & tea supplies in the kitchen!


ListyList // Houseguests

1// Guest Spare Toothbrushes ($16.50/4) – For those times when you leave your toothbrush at home! I forget mine all of the time, and it’d be brilliant to have these stashed for when it happens when you have guests staying over! I’m totally that prepared (in my dreams).


2// Moleskine City Guide “Los Angeles” ($13-ish) – This would be great to tuck into a guest pack, in case they’d like to explore the nearest big city! It’s complete with maps and places to store restaurant numbers and info.


3// Disposable Camera ($3.99) – To document all the fun!


4// Handwoven Meridian Throw ($128) – My house has gone from baking hot to iceberg cold (a good thing!) since we put in the swamp cooler. This throw is gorgeous and goes with all the blue I have in my house!


5// Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro Tea ($5.99/20 tea bags) – This tea is fantastic…smooth and sweet, even with no sugar! And it’s decaf, so drinking it before bed is allowed. My grandmother got me hooked on it, and I’ve tried lots of their other flavors too! After I’ve emptied the tins, I save them so I can plant herbs or succulents inside!


6// Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Milk ($3-5) – Even if you or your guests don’t have food allergies, this milk is so delicious! I put it in my cereal and my coffee.


7// Bodum French Press ($19.99) – I love my French press…Luke got me this exact one for Christmas and I use it all the time to make a single cup of coffee for myself. I still haven’t found my perfect coffee to use in it yet, but I love the art of brewing coffee, and coffee is a must when guests are over.

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