it was so nice to have almost three weeks off…spending time with family and friends that we hadn’t seen in a while, being creative with my mom and sister, and visiting museums and antique shops with my grandparents. back to real life hasn’t seemed so bad, either…I even spent a relaxing day today   c l e a n i n g   my house. for me, that’s quite an accomplishment because that’s not exactly my favorite thing. I feel recharged.



:: getting all the suitcases unpacked today.

:: new clothes! so shallow, I know, but I’m a girl, and I love new clothes. Luke and I spent a day shopping at the Rehoboth outlets, buying some much-needed clothing for both of us. my favorite things I got are a date-night dressy dress, and a chambray polka dotted shirt.

:: the blessing of business picking up. we’ve had a few amazing opportunities come our way the last few weeks, and I’ve got something really fun in the works with my mom and sister!

:: coming home from vacation to a   h u g e   stack of magazines and catalogues…my fave!

:: date night with the lover boy last night…dinner at a mexican restaurant we hadn’t tried before (it was so good!) and a movie (Star Trek…I loved it!) and grocery shopping after midnight. the boys had a fun night with their uncles and grandparents. :)



What’s making you happy right now?

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  1. Dinner with Dad at The Fat Tuna…

    A feeling-better kitty that is sitting next to me ON the couch instead of under it…

    And lots of memories from your trip home!


    1. So glad Oreo’s doing better! And the Fat Tuna is soooo good! And we have lots of good memories too!! :)

  2. What’s making me happy….let’s see. Selling things on craigslist and downsizing our home. Making room for bigger dreams. Getting all of our suitcases unpacked. The kids and all their cute sayings. Antiques. Rainy days. Our new verismo coffee maker from starbucks. My marriage and all of the growth we’ve had…I could go on forever so I’ll stop now. :)

    1. I’m thinking about selling a few things on Craigslist too, so I can make way for furniture that matches our home. I’m missing the rainy days of Delaware. Ooooh…lattes…I should go make myself one. :) and growth is so good. :)

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