Y’all, I finally did it. I bit the bullet. I was trying to be fancy, or complicated, or something like that. But having more than one home on the internet, more than one place to keep up with and design and create…it’s difficult, and stressful. And I didn’t feel like it was living up to what I wanted my site to be.


So I created this. I kept my old blog there, but it’s just a placeholder now. A place I can’t delete, because not only would the pictures disappear from this new site, but because it’s sentimental. I’ve streamlined my businesses but I don’t want to lose my original little blog home. But all the posts are now imported over here, along with all the comments, and here is where I’ll be posting! I’m also working on getting my pages operational with pricing and galleries, and my blog is also open for sponsor buttons.


It’s not finished yet, but it’s my new little home.


And I’m kind of loving it!




Any feedback on how the new site operates would be SO helpful! :)



Also, I feel kinda bad about not keeping up with my blog while we were on our vacation, but sorta kinda not really. I’m back though, and regular posting will begin next week! :)

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