So I just realized the last four photos I’ve posted on Instagram (follow me @jordanboesch!) are food photos. Sorry about that. (Not really.) Luke and I have this thing for food. Our favorite TV show (other than Duck Dynasty, of course) is Top Chef, and we watch the Food Network a lot. So I decided to show the food we had this weekend. 
We (okay, I, but Luke picked it out) made Eggs Benedict the first time. We used a Bobby Flay recipe and I went through almost a dozen eggs trying to make the hollandaise. For the record, Bobby Flay, you cannot put eggs in a metal bowl over simmering water for FOUR MINUTES without them scrambling. Tyler Florence and the Internet to the rescue! The hollandaise had Cajun seasoning, with homemade black pepper biscuits. I’m going to perfect this and then I’ll post the recipe! 
In honor of the Kentucky Derby, we made Mint Juleps!
I made the chewy granola bars that Mary Beth posted here on Casey Leigh’s blog! They are really reallllllly good. I used pumpkin seeds, walnuts and homemade coconut flakes. And I ate them for lunch today. No shame.

Linking up with Mary Beth!! 

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  1. FOOD!!!!! Always a good kind of weekend….in my book. I love that you are posting more recipes now….can’t wait to try some of them! Thanks for the shout-out too, friend, and for linking up so faithfully to our weekends.

  2. I will SO be looking forward to that eggs benedict recipe! The hubs and I were just talking about giving them a try sometime soon. And food photos on instagram? Love ’em. I post one daily probably. It’s just hard to resist snapping photos of something you’ve worked so hard on! ;)

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