Little Happy Things No. 7

Well, apart from signing a few remaining papers, we have bought a house. We should be getting the keys in a day or two. We are pretty darn excited. :) So to celebrate, here’s a list of happy things right now. (The only thing that won’t make the list? Packing.)
::Things costing less than you expected. When buying a house, almost everything costs WAY more than you thought. But to have something cost less? It’s like Christmas. 

::We can now say “our house”!

::Planning which rooms to pain which color, and where to put our furniture. And organizing my new kitchen is going to be FUN!

::Finding a new mascara that lasts forever.

::Finally losing a pant size! It was so exciting to buy jeans a size down!

::Changing our address! I’ve always loved getting mail so I’m pretty excited to have a mailbox to walk out to!

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