A Photo-a-Day in January

On Instagram there’s been a challenge going around to take a photo a day in the month of January. I decided to go for it, and had a great time. Keeping up with something like that is hard, but while it was a challenge, it actually helps my photography and creativity improve, and helps me conquer something else I struggle with: consistency. I’m the kind of person who hates schedules, but even something as small as taking one photo every day has helped with things like remembering to vacuum the floor everyday (seriously, who thought carpet in the dining room would be a brilliant idea?!). I was sad to see the project end, but super excited when I found out a new list of photo-a-day topics was created for February!
Without further ado, here’s the list of topics for January, and all the photos I took!¬†
1 // You
2 // Breakfast
3 // Something you adore
4 // Letterbox (the creator of the challenge is Australian; this is what they call mailboxes!)
5 // Something you wore
6 // Makes you smile
7 // Favorite
8 // Your sky
9 // Daily Routine
10 // Childhood
11 // Where you sleep
12 // Close-up
13 // In your bag
14 // Something you’re reading
15 // Happiness
16 // Morning
17 // Water
18 // Something you bought
19 // Sweet
20 // Someone you love
21 // Reflection
22 // Your shoes
23 // Something old
24 // Guilty pleasure
25 // Something you made
26 // Color
27 // Lunch
28 // Light
29 // Inside your fridge
30 // Nature 
31 // You again

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  1. Loved this, Jordan! I think capturing the small moments are really the biggest. It made me smile to catch a glimpse of your life. :) SO excited for your new house and all your DIY projects…when you find the time, keep posting about them!

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