Little Happy Things No. 2

Yes, I know I already missed last week. I’m not very good at “do this on this day every week” type of things. So I’m just going with “do this whenever the mood strikes, but fairly often because it makes me happy.” 
::Jack’s little observations throughout the day. 
::Fresh-squeezed orange juice.
::Derik telling me very emphatically that he IS Captain America.
::Jack is learning to draw people. We have lots of funny-looking people drawings all over the table. Derik is drawing “two teams,” and the closest interpretation is that I think he’s drawing football.
::My new hot chocolate obsession, Mexican hot chocolate. 
::The boys have figured out how to “pretend” to give me something. They’ve been bringing me pretend books all morning.
::Finished knitting and crocheting projects, and sewing projects that actually turn out.
::Photostrips of my boys actually printed out from my cell phone.

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  1. @Lydia: I use Incredibooth on my iPhone, then once they’re downloaded onto my computer, put 3 strips side-by-side in Photoshop, and then print out as 4x6s. A little smaller than actual photostrips, but they work!

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