The Gym…

So I have determined that I am losing the baby weight. Once and for all. So I have joined a gym. I’m going three times a week and am currently VERY sore from doing the workout a trainer there gave me.

It has been hilarious to see some of the typical “gym stereotypes” though. The very first day I went, there was a VERY perky lady dancing on the elliptical. Yep, dancing. Her neighbors were a little annoyed because she kept flicking her arms into their space. She was even dancing in the locker room afterwards, nearly running a few people over, since she had her eyes closed.

Next is the bodybuilder girl complete with the 80s perm and sweatbands. She’s a little intimidating…she can do situps hanging almost upside down and doesn’t look like she even breaks a sweat.

Then there’s the room full of tough-dude-weightlifters. I stay out of there. =P

And me. I belong to the trying-to-be-back-in-shape-mommies stereotype. ;) I am definitely NOT perky when I get on the elliptical, and regular situps are enough to make me sweat. But hopefully I’ll wind up losing some weight and getting back into the shape I used to be in. And the closet full of pre-kiddo clothes I have. ;)

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