Model Shoot: Samantha

These are the last of the model shoot I’ll be posting. These are all of Samantha and believe me, it was hard to choose just a few to post! I wanted to post all of them! In case you’re wondering, I love high-key type portraits, really contrasty photos. I’ve kind of always been that way. ;) Anyway, I’d love your guys feedback on these – I’m still learning about posing and how to direct models/clients so any suggestions or tips you guys have are really appreciated!

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  1. These are all beautiful! I love the b&w one. I have such a hard time getting it to look exactly right. I’d just darken the hand and post so your eyes doesn’t go right there.

  2. Holy cow, if you could make ME look that good, I’d fly right out there. Somehow, though, she must have some of her beauty by nature. Lol.

  3. Thanks, all of you!

    Lydia: yeah, I did darken it some but I’m on Luke’s computer and it’s not calibrated the same as mine – it is a little more glaring on here! I’ll try darkening it some more, maybe a black layer on soft light will help.

    AsWeWalk: LOL! I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but yes, she IS that gorgeous! You should see the OUTTAKES of this shoot! She’s still stunning!

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