You asked…

Mom and Dad, you asked for more pictures!

We’ve not been really busy here, but busy enough. Easter was nice…we celebrated with our friends Mike & Kathy and Luke’s parents and family. Luke’s mom and I did most of the cooking, and I enjoyed it a lot! For my first time cooking a ham, I don’t think I did too badly! :P (And yes, Mom, I almost enjoy ham now! ;)

Mom pointed me to something called PhotoHunt, which sounds like so much fun! I’m thinking about joining the challenge. I was sad not to be able to continue the Color+Color challenge and have been looking for one that’s not as set in stone for a whole year. Maybe I’ll try starting this one up this coming week!

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  1. Oh, my dear, darling, pumpkin of a nephew! :-) What a cute picture!!!!

    WOW, you almost like ham! It’s a miracle!

    ~your sis~

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