Baby Boesch Randomness

Who could resist such cute little clothes?! I think mom and Kate had lots of fun folding all those itsy bitsy little things. ;) We seem to have a chick/duck theme going on, I think mostly because people buying us clothes were attempting to be as neutral as possible! We had a hard time ourselves, going to pick out an outfit. “Oh, this is cute!” “Yeah, but the little hearts are screaming ‘girl!!'” So we wound up with chicks too. We both really love the “Classic Pooh” line at Target, but really only in the pink or blue, not yellow. :P So, we’re going to wait until after Baby Boesch makes his or her appearance until we buy any more clothes.

It is fun not knowing though. It keeps people guessing. One of our friends in California said “You’ve got a 50/50 chance of being right, but knowing the Boesch’s, you’d have a 75% chance of being right if you guessed a boy.” ;) Maybe that’s why so many of you are saying girl. ;)

Oh, and do any of you have boy name ideas? We’ve got a bunch of girl names (and are pretty sure which one we’d use), but not that many boy names…

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  1. Aww! So much fun! A good friend right down the road from me is due in September too. I’m hoping to do some maternity portraits for her sometime soon. I don’t have any boys names, but did find one the other day I want to use for a girl. My great grandmother’s middle name was Estella, and I’m really loving it at the moment. Please keep us updated on baby! And you of course! ;-)

  2. my mom wanted my sister to name her son Simeon (he ended up being Joseph/Joey). Why not Luke Jr.? Or name him (if it’s a him) after a great grandparent (unless your grandpa is named Dewey Herbert, like mine was :-D).

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