Well, obviously we’re home from California. :P And a picture…

In somewhat odd news, has anyone heard about the recent recalls on lots of China-made toys?! I just read today that even some baby bibs were going to be recalled…and all of these products recalled contained lots of lead! I wonder if anyone has ever told them over there that lead is ummmm…dangerous? It makes me want even more to have more homemade toys for my children. Even Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, Dora the Explorer, and Barbie things have been recalled so far! An interested website to check out if you want to know more is NotChinaMade.net, run by a concered Christian mom.

In Baby Boesch news, I’m 36 1/2 weeks along, and now very anxiously awaiting his or her arrival. Baby Boesch is a little on the small side, but not “too” small, which is good. Basically it means I’m not going to have a 10-pound baby, which is just fine with me. :P So now we just wait for Baby Boesch to decide when to come. Just for fun, leave a comment and say when you think Baby Boesch will appear, and whether it will be a boy or girl. ;)

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  1. It’s going to be a girl (for Luke) and it will be born on that very special day….September 15! ;-)

    I am so very excited!!

    Love you both and hope to see you soon!


  2. Boy, born on Sept. 5th. (What a better b-day present?) :-D Or 15th. :-) (What a better present for Miss C?) :-)


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