The View From Here, or, "Where Did My Feet Go?!"

Yep, that’s about what I see now when I’m just standing still. I’m not sure why I’ve heard others complain before about mismatched shoes and such though. It’s not like I can’t see my feet at all or that I couldn’t sit down and pick out [matching] shoes and socks.

Anyways, Baby Boesch (or “Baby Bear” as Kate likes to call him/her) is doing very well, a little small at this point but “that will change,” so says my midwife. As of Sunday I should only have around 7-8 weeks until Baby makes his or her appearance, and believe me, we can’t wait! We certainly have a little mover…the past few weeks Baby has been kicking, shoving, rolling, twisting, bouncing, you name it. My personal favorite is the One-Two Rib Punch. ;)

To update on Nana Anne, she’s doing much better, has been moved to a much nicer floor in the hospital, and may be coming home within the next day or so. We went over to see her last night and she was laughing and joking and of course, trying to figure out how to escape from the hospital. Please do keep her in your prayers!

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  1. Don’t worry Jo, by the time those 7 or 8 weeks are up, you’ll understand the mismatched shoes thing!

    And Nana did have something up her sleeve today, but the Doc foiled her plans. She has a long history of hospital escapes!


  2. What fun it’ll be when the baby comes! I can’t wait to see those pics. ;-)

    I’m praying for your Nana.

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